Engagement Custom Ring Box, Resin & Wood Engagement Ring Box



—-Dimensions of wooden ring box:
Size M : 4.4cm x 4.4cm x 3.1cm (1.73″ x 1.73″x1.22″)
Size L : 5.3cm x 5.2cm x 3.7cm (2.08″ x 2.04″x 1.45″)

High quality materials:
– The finest timber of wild coffee wood — strong, stable and has beautiful color and grain is not only unique but also spectacular. The epoxy-filled area has a natural edge, without disrupting the natural grain of the wood.
– We install professional magnetic closure.
– The box is finished with durable varnish, which saves defense from water and fingerprints and gives pleasant tactile sensations and gloss.
– Inside the box there is a soft pillow for rings, earrings, pendant.


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